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John Hamilton ~ Pinnacle International Freight, Inc.

Ad Rate Card

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  • Distribution of 10,000 copies of EACH annual edition per year. Completely revised and updated annually.
  • Most distribution is regional to companies who ship/receive via air freight on a regular basis. Ninety percent of distribution is to air cargo shippers & receivers – export, import and domestic. The remaining 10 percent of distribution is to air freight forwarders, customs brokers, airlines, air freight truckers and others involved with air freight transportation.
  • The QUICK CALLER is THE reference that facilitates contact between shippers/receivers and the air freight service providers who must meet the requirements of high-value, time-sensitive transportation. Extensive information is available on international transportation and regulation processing for the highly-specialized demands of export/import trade.
  • The QUICK CALLER is the ONLY complete, accurate and up-to-date reference source for the daily routing of air cargo.
  • The QUICK CALLER is a “bible” that stays on the traffic manager’s desk and is referred to on a daily basis during the routing of specific air freight shipments.
  • The QUICK CALLER is the best way to get targeted distribution to the decision-makers who control air freight routings, both Domestic and International.
  • QUICK CALLER advertising works for you all year long. Nobody throws away their copy until they get a newer edition, and sometimes not even then!

Black and White Ad Rates (per edition) – Click on small ad examples for FULL size image.


Full Page Ad



Includes a FREE listing
on this Web Site


* $1,295.00 (US)


6.5″H x 4.25″W




Half Page Ad



FREE listing
on this Web Site


* $655.00 (US)


3.5″H x 4.25″W




Quarter Page Ad





* $440.00 (US)


1.75″H x 4.25″W



* All Display Advertisers receive free Boldface Listing(s) under appropriate category(s)

  • Boldface Listing(s) only $215.00 U.S.
  • Our customers also receive free copies of each edition in which they advertise.
  • Payment is due with order and is payable by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Agency Commission of 15% is available to recognized Advertising Agencies.
  • Call for special location rates (covers, etc.).
  • Color is also available at additional price.
  • QUANTITY DISCOUNTS are available for display advertisements ONLY in four or more QUICK CALLERS, but not in addition to ad agency commission.
  • Want to increase your web site’s Air Cargo Industry Related Traffic??? Then contact us about ONLINE Ad Rates. Our leads are all premium quality industry related leads, and not just random search engine hits. What more can you ask for?

Publication and Printing Specifications

Offset printing, perfect bound. Page (trim) size: 8.5″H” x 5.5″W. Inside pages black-and-white (spot color and 4-color process available – call for additional cost). Cover 4-color; 100# coated (call for spot color and 4-color additional cost).

Camera-ready artwork accepted. Cuts, artwork, etc. made by publisher will be billed to advertiser or agency. Ad copy on computer disk accepted in Windows PC (Adobe or Quark Xpress) format. Disk must include copies of all artwork and fonts used. Also provided paper version for verification. Other formats (including Macintosh) accepted but conversion changes will be billable. More details are available on our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES FOR ADVERTISEMENT sheet, available on request.