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Security Criteria focus of new CTPAT regulations, affecting Cargo on multiple fronts

By Debbie Dent
Director, Program Services
Border Connect, Inc.


Where has the year gone? As we prepare to end this calendar year, we can be assured that 2019 will bring continued change, challenges, opportunity and job security for those who are not faint of heart.

CTPAT Update

New Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) is proposed for all 12 different business entities who meet and maintain eligibility within an international supply chain. Whether you are the importer, exporter, customs broker, consolidator or highway/sea/rail/air carrier, new requirements are coming.

The Working Group has categorized the new criteria into three main focus areas: Corporate Security; People and Physical Security; and Transportation Security. Within these three, there are 12 criteria categories that apply for each entity group.

New criteria related to cybersecurity, protecting your supply chain from agricultural contaminants, use of security technology and preventing trade based on money laundering and terrorist financing will add new security elements to the existing program management.

People and physical security will continue to focus on securing facilities, screening and training personnel. The education of employees is a key component and commonly found to be assumed to be understood when handling international cargo. As a result new updates aim to increase accountability, implementing a system of checks and balances to ensure that supply chain best practices are in fact in place and just not assumed to be in place. Security updates will be added or expanded upon and company personnel need to receive the latest and most current information related to your security plan. Sifting through what is fact or fiction and forecasting change and the potential impact of those changes is a full-time job all by itself!

The good news for the trade community is that these changes are not immediate and still subject to revision based on outreach that took place over the past few months. If you have not done so already take some time to review information updated in Document Exchange of your CTPAT portal & commit now to enhancing your current security practices or procedures.

January’s article will provide some insight on the new topic of agriculture contaminants and why government is moving in the direction they are and the impact this will have on the movement of all types of cargo — not just agriculture-related commodities.

In closing of this final article for 2018, I would like to wish family and friends a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday season and continued success in 2019!

“Thank you to Tom Buysse and all the folks involved with the Quick Caller” for the opportunity to be part of this monthly publication!

Debbie Dent can be reached at 1-800-596-5176 or by e-mail

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