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SuperPort: The Interconnection of International Commerce

The global inventory of Airports, Seaports and Dryports in total constitute tens of thousands of acres of sea and land dedicated to serve as the capillaries of commerce for the life’s blood of the modern economy.  Year by year, the growing wants and needs of millions more people now gaining significant purchasing power press upon the global supply chain with instant access to global markets to buy and sell on-line and on-demand.  But those products bought with the tap of a fingertip have a rough and rugged journey ahead with giant containerships stuck at sea for days waiting to be unloaded, rail yards and highways at capacity, and the air cargo market looking at traffic jams in the sky.

To meet the growing demand Ports around the world are now being rebuilt and expanded into multimodal SuperPorts handling bulk wet, dry and containerized cargo in greater volumes than ever before.  With this demand for infrastructure investment at an all-time high the Interstate Traveler Company’s Hydrogen Super Highway (HSH) offers a practical solution to increased capacity and security while providing a fit instrument to enable Ports secure access for expansion into new inland customs processing facilities.  Not only does the HSH provide secure cargo movement, it also provides secure pipeline services with greater volume than older pipelines already in need of replacement.

The inception of the Interstate Traveler has been the functional upgrade to the Interstate Highway as a public transportation and utility infrastructure network with our focus on the interconnection of our airports, seaports and rail yards to provide fully secured point to point transportation services for people, products and ideas, along with multiple secure pipelines for conducting the hydrocarbon of your choice and direct access to bulk Hydrogen and raw electrical power.  With the integrated system of systems approach the HSH provides a valuable service for all entities co-dependent on port efficiency, safety, reliability and resilience against the hard hits that come from the sea in cyclones and tidal surges.

 Here in America our infrastructure is fantastic, yet the World Bank has developed and maintained an overall performance model to rank the countries of the world published in the bi-annual report called the “Logistics Performance Index.”  The United States ranks 14th overall, yet holds a respectable 7th place in infrastructure.  When the benefits of the HSH are factored in the USA will race to the top of the charts in just a few years after fabrication and installation begins.

In the last 20 years the global infrastructure market has seen a revolution in transportation systems in both the reconstruction of old systems and the rapid fabrication of the new.  The thousands of miles of new high speed rail installed in China and the reconstruction of the Panama Canal are just two highlights.  The Port of Montreal is another; handling their one millionth container in 1977 with a port history dating back to the 1600s, it is now after three expansions handling nearly 1.5 million TEUs per year. Now looking at the several hundred FTZs serving America linked by our highways and railroads; could America be ready to leap ahead of the world with a newer, better, faster, safer and more secure multimodal infrastructure system?  For the investors of the Interstate Traveler Company, the answer to that question is always yes. 

With the HSH, America has the opportunity to take local, regional and international logistics to an entirely new level giving greater access to greater markets at greater distances increasing business for all the existing logistics companies to enjoy greater growth in the years to come.   For more information on how the HSH could help increase your revenues and lower your costs visit our website and send us a letter via U.S. Mail.

 Interstate Traveler Co. LLC

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