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"We have consistently used Quick Caller to help

identify vendors from around the country that otherwise

would have taken my employees much longer to find."

John Hamilton ~ Pinnacle International Freight, Inc.


The PPLUS  team has had tremendous success utilizing both the online version and hard copy guides in providing expedite solutions.  One of the many examples that come to mind  was a partner in the  Orlando  market that both aided in  warehousing and Hot Shot transportation.  This Quick Caller location delivered custom racing simulators direct from the  Orlando Airport to the Daytona International Speedway during the 500.   They not only took the freight into the speedway but also recovered following the event and held for period of time at their Orlando facility  to move to the next race. Just one of many great examples of the service offerings in  Tom’s Quick caller Guides.   Not to mention that Tom is a walking encyclopedia  for every market in the country !

We continue to grow our business with the Help of Tom and the Quick caller program !

Gordon Steffens Jr. ~ Performance Plus Global Logistics

“I wanted to express my continued appreciation for your product. We have consistently used Quick Caller to help identify vendors from around the country that otherwise would have taken my employees much longer to find. In the past few months we have used it to find white glove service for after-hours dismantling of displays in Los Angeles, radioactive certified handlers in the Houston area as well as warehousing in the Chicago area. It is a no brainer to renew with you folks for another year!

Thanks again for helping out with this service as we are 100% on board with this service.

John Hamilton ~ VP Operation at Pinnacle International Freight, Inc.

“I’ve been using Quick Caller Cargo Directories for almost 10 years now, and it’s an exceptional tool to have around the office.  As a transportation broker, I’m always in need of quick and accurate information for my pick ups and deliveries.  The Quick Caller gives me up to date contact info for the always-changing, air and ocean import warehouses, that we make picks up from daily.  This past year, we began to use the online edition of the Quick Caller, which gives me full access to all major port locations across the US.  The Quick Caller online is very user friendly and offers all the tools that I need to make my job easier throughout the day.  I’d highly recommend the Quick Caller Cargo Directories to anyone in the trucking and freight forwarding industry.”

Brian Katcher ~ Owner at Katcher Cargo LLC

“I wanted to inform you that we are very happy to have subscribed the Quick Caller guide, the information was very helpful to our air department which deals with different terminal on a daily basis and this makes it easier for them to locate the right office to call.

Also we are able to set up relations with local trucker from every major city on the information found on your site as well.

Our office personnel will benefit from using this book whether import or export.”

Alexander Lim ~ Export Manager  ~ CIL Freight Inc.

“The Quick Caller booklets are great quality, very efficient and very effective products we use daily in our operation. The cost is minimal and well within our budget range. It’s not just a telephone book, it is an essential tool.

I strongly recommend the purchase of the Quick Caller. Whether you are looking for a same day special, an overnight refrigerated storage or a regular you can find the contact you need in the vast majority of sections.”

Patrick Imhof ~ American Lamprecht Transport Inc.

“The handbooks you provided will allow us to better communicate the logistic assets in the metro-Detroit area, which will help us work toward meeting our Mission Statement. Not only will the handbooks be shared with internal MEDC staff, we will also provide copies to private industries as well as local economic development organizations.

Thank you again for the information and working with us to help grow Michigan’s economy. “

Stacy Bowerman ~ Michigan Economic Development Corporation

“I found you by first asking my colleagues in N.Y. if they ever dealt with any company with temp control vehicles in the Boston Area that could pick up in Boston Logan and deliver to Charles River in Wilmington.

But while waiting for them, I grabbed my trusty “Quick Caller” book I have for the Boston area and your company was listed under Animal Transport which was ideal.”

Thanks again for your assistance.


~ Email sent to a Quick Caller advertiser Airport Courier Service

“The Quick Caller is a treasured book that has all of the information on who does what in the logistics chain, and even has over the road truckers which are otherwise difficult to locate, so they were very pleased to receive this outstanding book.

Rest assured, all of this edition went to the decision makers who will indeed use the services of those contained in the Quick Caller.

Thank you again for sending such a valuable publication to those that really need it and those that will use it on a daily basis.”

Guy Fox, MBA, LCB, Chairman Emeritus ~ District Export Council of Southern California