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Weather Proof Transportation Infrastructure for Puerto Rico?

Next generation Elevated Rail Systems from the Interstate Traveler Company of Michigan will easily handle hurricanes and other violent weather that destroys traditional transportation and infrastructure systems. The best way to help Puerto Rico is to build something that will easily survive the next big storm.

Year by year, people all around the world going about their daily lives are horrifically affected by natural disasters. When it comes to public infrastructure, we have seen all too clearly in the last few years the relentless hammering of hurricane force winds, torrential rains, epic floods and storm surges instantly leaving millions of people without power, communications, water and even transportation, standing in witness to their homes and businesses all but completely destroyed.

Justin Sutton, Founder of the Interstate Traveler Company, wants you to know how the Hydrogen Super Highway can revolutionize both public transportation and public infrastructure, and about how it can revolutionize the local economy in Puerto Rico for the better.

The Interstate Traveler Company’s Hydrogen Super Highway (HSH) is designed to not just survive hurricanes, but continue service when all other systems would fail. Roadways and railways can be flooded, washed out and buried by landslides and tidal surges while naked power-lines and telephone lines are pummeled and broken by airborne debris  — taking days, weeks even months to get back online. All the subsystems of the HSH are safely enclosed inside the steel guideway system that supports the magnetic levitation rail system on top.

The HSH Elevated Rail System provides a fully enclosed and environmentally protected conduit cluster for the transport of vital utilities such as water, electricity, communications and other important commodities like Hydrogen, Oxygen and traditional fuels. Utilizing a unique rail-mounted maglev transportation system the HSH can be installed anywhere without a service road making it easy to build systems to perfectly integrate with existing highways, railways and surface streets. The HSH makes it easy to reach remote areas where roads do not exist or have been destroyed by natural disasters.

When earthquakes, storms and tidal waves deal harshly with our fragile cities, homes and coastal seaports, having a public rail network that will continue to run even in the most harsh conditions can help save lives and help regions quickly recover from disasters. It may be the greatest investment with immediate and very long term benefits for government and traditional investment alike.

“We live in a highly connected world today with water, sewer, electric, gas, telephone, cable networks and millions of miles of roads and railroads connecting hundreds of millions of people together providing vital services, and they are all at risk,” said Jim Jung, CEO of the Company. “Our HSH system is so far beyond ‘hi-tech’ proposals seen in the news recently. It takes a little time to contemplate this ‘system of systems’ to see how the HSH is a truly phenomenal design and business model.” Jung went on to explain how the HSH system’s first test bed has been approved for construction in the State of Indiana, is currently being presented to potential private investors and is working with local government officials on Federal grant applications.

In the last year, executives representing the company have personally visited the office of Jenniffer González-Colón, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico and Member of the United States Congress, giving detailed briefings to office leadership. “It is our job to inform decision makers,” Sutton said. “Before any state or country can build the HSH rail system, they need to understand the benefits so they will see the HSH as the best choice.” Sutton also gave details on the broader reach of the United States Congress: “We have personally visited the offices of nearly all the Members of the House Transportation Committee on the Hill, and gave testimony for the record at the US Surface Transportation Board,” Sutton continued. “Everyone who needs to know has been given the information but we know that it takes more than a few minutes to contemplate the full reach of the HSH. It is both bigger and simpler than it looks.” He went on to explain how his company has invested more than 16 years of effort quietly providing proposals to government and business leaders all over the world. He is excited that they will soon build their first system so they can invite world leaders to America to experience the system in person.

Sutton asks that you please invest a few minutes to consider the immediate and long term benefits for the United States to invest in resilient public infrastructure. Please visit the company website for more information.


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