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U.S. Customs Programs – what’s in the pipeline for cross-border truckers

By Debbie Dent
Director, Program Services
Border Connect, Inc.

Coming in January 2020- CTPAT MSC Workbook
As many of you know the expected rollout of the new CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) Workbook is announced to be finally coming in January. Compliance to the new format will be based on your anniversary date or when completing your next annual review. For those companies that may have a first quarter annual review due, it is recommended that you become familiar with the proposed changes and quickly.

As recently as Nov. 27, 2019 MSC by role has been uploaded in each participating company’s public document library.  First focus area is corporate security.  In order for a CTPAT Member’s supply chain security program to remain effective or when completing a new application, it must have the support of the company’s upper management. The new approach will reinforce the need for every person within a company to become familiar with the minimum-security criteria, as well as understand new categories being introduced.

Keep in mind, if you are validated in 2020 you will need to show these new categories have been included in your security plan and processes.

New categories will include Agriculture Contamination and Cyber Security. A number of training aids have been added to the public document library for use.

New applicants will be subject to meeting the new criteria in order to be approved.

We are working hard to ensure our clients are provided the most current information but a number of questions remain unanswered or saddled with conflicting information, with the proposed timeline looming. 

Changes to DTOPS for Commercial Truck Customers

Starting October 2019, some significant changes are coming to Customs and Border Protection’s Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System (DTOPS) program.  These changes include new Generation-2 (Gen-2) transponders being issued to replace all Gen-1 transponders held by most of our commercial trucking customers.  All customers, when renewing your 2020 transponders, will be provided a new Gen-2 transponder, unless they have already been provided one.  This will occur for both annual payments and single-crossing payments, and with both new purchases and renewals. Beginning in January/ February 2020, commercial truck single-crossing fees paid through DTOPS will also initiate the fulfillment of a Gen-2 transponder. We expect this may cause delays in the fulfillment of transponders similar to what was experienced as a result of government shutdown in early 2019.  This notice can be found on the main page of your DTOPS portal.

In closing, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays and our warm wishes for 2020!

Debbie Dent can be reached at 1-800-596-5176 or by e-mail

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